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Next Cuddle Puddle will be Aug. 10, 2019

Professional cuddling is very new and like all things it is evolving. My years of studying  human bonding and experience as a sexuality coach have brought me to the deep knowing that this practice is essential for human conneciton. It has everything to do with boundaries and the ability to consistently communicate them in positive ways. When we do this it creates the safety necessary for tenderness and vulnerability to show up. The combination is magical and needed. 

Our society is hungry to feel close to ourselves and others in healthy ways. Cuddling is a vehicle for this. We have done so much in the last 50 years to protect people from unhealthy abusive touch. Now we are ready to discover new ways to provide healthy nurturing touch. Separating it from sex is essential. We need to experience physical closeness as adults without the complications and pressure of sex. Cuddling is about being able to relax into whatever we are feeling in the moment in the presence of another person who sees that we are good. This is tremendously nurturing, even healing, in and of itself.

All human beings have bodies and emotions. We need to FEEL a sense of physical and emotional safety and belonging with others.

This is the experience I provide to my clients.
Business Insider UK featured a Cuddlist Session wtih Dieniz on June 7, 2017.  For the full article click here