Sexuality Power

Life Coaching for the Awakening


As I was growing up, I struggled with my body image and a restrictive upbringing that did not allow me to fully accept or express my sexuality. I was raped by my boyfriend and that added to the layers of shame, fear and secrecy around my sexuality.  

As a result of my life traumas, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  

Once I began embracing my fluidity and accepting who I was, including my sexual preferences, I began to express myself more and more.

I have always been very open about sexuality and found that people could talk openly to me about sex and would ask me for advice.  

It wasn’t until college that I formally began taking classes on sexuality and then continued to educate myself.

 Dieniz celebrating her Queerness! 

My own healing came through the study and training in Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression® which involved going through the process myself and clearing the many blocks I had to feeling free in my own sexuality.

My spirituality was deepened through my own sexual awakening experiences which led me to fully be the powerful being I am today.   

It is my honor and joy to guide others on their journey to awakening.

Let's talk about what that could look like for you...

Sexuality Trainings

Sexuality Trainings Available per request: 
- Human Sexuality 101 for Adults
- Parenting & Sexuality- Birds and Bees 
- Orgasmic Meditation Training 
- Relationship Coaching/Training 
- Relationship Design
- Power of Touch Presentations and Therapy

I believe in the power of community and offer virtual therapy as well for The Latinx Therapist Action Network, learn more!