Are you Ready to Awaken your POWER?

Sexuality Power

As I was growing up, I struggled with my body image and a restrictive upbringing environment that did not allow me to fully accept or express my sexuality. 

I was raped by my boyfriend and that added to the layers of shame, fear and secrecy around my sexuality.

Once I began embracing my fluidity and accepting who I was, my sexual preferences, etc I began to express myself more and more.

I have always been very open about sexuality and found that people could talk openly to me about sex and would ask me for advice.  It wasn’t until college that I formally began taking classes on sexuality and then continued to educate myself.

  My own healing came through the study and training in repetitive behavior cellular regression, which involved going through the process myself and clearing the many blocks I had to feeling free in my own sexuality.

My spirituality was deepened through my own sexual awakening experience that led me to fully be the powerful being I am today.   

It is my honor and joy to guide other women on their journey to awakening.