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The deepest traumas that we've had, live in the unconscious mind. So, if you have hidden trauma or even if you are aware of it...just know that it is impacting you on a cellular level. 

Trauma can manifest as illness and cause a lack of wellness, it can add physical pain and suffering to your life.  

We can work with the mind to remove the trauma and establish new beliefs and new patterns that are fruitful.

Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression®

The CR Process is a 30 Day VIP Experience that includes a CR Session to decrease anxiety, fear, procrastination, self-sabotage, and overall stress while improving relationships, finances, confidence, health, clarity, processing, follow-through, and accountability. RBCR is about to change the way behavioral science views behavior and memory recall. 


2-4 Hours on Skype (CR Session) with CR Practitioner

7 Days of Journaling (Self-repatterning)

Journal Analysis by CR Practitioner

1 hr. call to go over the journal with CR Practitioner

1 hr. Day 15 follow-up call with CR Practitioner

1hr. Day 30 follow-up call with CR Practitioner


Improved Relationships, Improved Health,

Improved Finances, Improved Self-Confidence, Improved Health, Improved Clarity, Improved Processing, Improved Follow-Through, Improved Accountability, Decreased Anxiety,

Decreased Fear, Decreased Procrastination, Decreased Self-sabotage, Decreased Overall Stress, Decreased Addictive Behaviors

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Are you hitting the wall instead of the bull’s eye?

You can shift your perceptions to reach your target and 

Rewrite the "software" of your past, changing the "printout" of your future. 

PSYCH-K® provides a variety of safe and effective ways to “rewrite the software of your mind” by changing beliefs that limit you...into beliefs that support you...simply and easily. Originated in 1988, PSYCH-K® directly facilitates communication between the conscious and subconscious portions of the mind. It also includes processes to increase the “cross talk” between the two brain hemispheres resulting in a “whole-brain” state, dramatically reducing the resistance to changing outdated subconscious programs. PSYCH-K® is the missing piece in your life that helps you find the peace in life that you are missing.

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Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Wellness  

As a wellness advocate, I strive to provide my clients access to as much healing as possible. Since 2012, I have personally been using aromatherapy and therapeutic grade essential oils to help myself and others. It has been my main source of healthcare for the past 5 years. For consultations please click on the BOOK A HEALING button above. 

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