Sexuality Power

Life Coaching for the Awakening


Part of my journey and part of the journey of many of my clients has been exploring our sexuality because in many ways sexuality and spirituality are one in the same...different sides of the same coin.  

Sexuality is the biggest thing that we repress in this country and in most countries worldwide. 

How can you get off on life, on what is present in your life today, without feeling the need for more? How can you find your desire and pleasure in the now?  

The number one thing that I offer clients is permission.

I love getting down into the subconscious mind with my clients. Together we get to see whether or not their beliefs are in alignment with what they say they want to create in their lives. If they are in struggle, then the likelihood that they are not in alignment is pretty high.  

Writing positive affirmations all over the place doesn’t always produce results 

because our subconscious beliefs are not always in alignment 

with the desires of our conscious mind. 

If this is something you're experiencing, feel free to call me. 


This is the #1 reason why people do not have the life that they want.  

I want you to have the life that you desire.