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Hi Im Dieniz, your Sacral Healing Coach.  I welcome you to your next step on the path of life.  I began this work in 2006 and after years of educating, training, organizing and mobilizing around reproductive justice, health, and wellness, I am thrilled to be sharing my wisdom via coaching.  

I am here to deliver truth to those seeking awakening.  Awakening is a choice, once made, there is no return.  So how do we navigate life in awakening? I learned through my lived experiences to love all that arises. I have had fibromyalgia for 7 years and am a warrior, however, I had to learn the hard way. My body shut down and my mental health and wellbeing suffered.  Living with chronic illness is not easy but I realized if my mindset and spirituality were not in alignment, it was even harder. So I did the work and continue to do so as a daily practice.  Today I have a wellness plan, I set boundaries, pace myself and take action towards the life I desire. It would be my honor to help you unpack your bags and settle in at home, your body. When we incorporate healing, coaching and wellness into our daily lives, we thrive. 

When one of us heals, the world heals, join me in healing,

Dieniz Costa, MSW

Founder & CEO