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Just like you, most of my clients were scared to even visit my site. They weren't sure what to expect. What does a sexuality coach and healer do? Will I finally feel whole? Will the shame go away? Will I finally feel free from my past?  At one point in my life, I had the same thoughts. I was confused and struggling with answering one question... "Who am I?"

When I first began on my journey, I had no idea what the hell was sexual power. I barely knew what my sexuality really encompassed.  I was a curious 8 year old with boobs coming in.  I began to get the cat calls and whistling as I walked down Broadway on my way to Rite Aid. At first I was confused, scared. It felt dirty to be starred at by all these men, sometimes even women. I didn't know how to cope. My answer was to hide my body and avoid boys. You see, I grew up in a religious household... now, I don't mean that we went to church every Sunday, I mean... We built the church on our land so we can go 5 days a week.  As the Pastor's granddaughter, I had no choice. As do most teens, I rebelled. In high school I was raped. In college I discovered I was queer. Since then, I have discovered my divinity and womanhood. 

I had no idea that my sexuality would be the key to my awakening.  You see, I now know that our womanhood and our spiritual and sexual awakening are intimately connected.  As a woman, it was through my sexuality and womanhood that I grew, transformed and came to be the woman who now leads others on their journey.  I was taught to feel shame, to hide my body, to be submissive and prude. Unfortunately, I had a sexual appetite, I wanted more than they could dream for me and I heard the calling to be more, do different and create a new reality.  

In 2012, I founded Sexuality Power to educate, heal, empower and liberate Latinas worldwide. Through life coaching and healing, you too can release your past traumas, heartbreaks, betrayals, and fears. 

When one of us heals, the world heals, join me in healing.

with Love,

Dieniz Costa, MSW

Founder & CEO