Sexuality Power
Sexualidad es Poder

Coaching your Divine Self 

Scared of looking at your trauma?

Of course you are… you’ve been led by the media to believe that it's a hard, heart wrenching, endlessly long and painful process you have to endure.

That is simply, a flat out LIE!

Through my work I’ve shown women that they can be free from the chains of sexual trauma that have caused them to hold back their beautiful powerful voices and creativity in life through processes that are not only quick, but joyful, relieving and create true lasting liberation!

Ready to finally feel free in your body, your sexuality, your life?

Ready to finally know the depth of your worth, value and beauty?

Ready to finally feel at ease in your body and experience deep sexual pleasure that is as sacred and honorable as it is orgasmic?

This is what we were meant to live:

Deep sacred sexual power and pleasure!

Deep knowing of our innate beauty and brilliance!

Living fully in life, fully expressed, relaxed and creative from the bed to the boardroom!

I'm here to help you see how your sexual trauma can be the very things that liberates you

I'm here to finally show you how to lift the weight of it through pleasurable, powerful and transformative ways…

Mostly, i’m here to guide you back to yourself, in all your truth and feminine power!

Show you that you too can experience your value and full beauty in life!

Living as a Liberated Latina is a 3 month coaching program where we work together to uncover the blocks keeping you from fully accepting, expressing and enjoying your sexuality.  We uproot trauma and shame are till the soil so that you can grow anew and fully play in your life, work and sex, while healing from your past and creating the relationship you desire with yourself and others.

Muchas Latinas viven sus vidas con trauma de su niñez. Hay tantas formas de trauma cuales no conocemos o de cuales no hablamos en nuestras familias o cultura.  El impacto de este trauma vive en nuestros cuerpos.  

Trauma impacta nuestras relaciones en pareja, nuestras amistades, relaciones familiares y hasta la forma en cual nos presentamos en nuestro empleo.  Ya es hora de que sanemos nuestro trauma para crear una vida mas feliz, una cultura mas pura y un futuro sano para todos.  

Trabajado conmigo obtendrás la confianza en ti misma que perdiste dado a tu trauma, la educación sobre tu cuerpo y espacio sano para explorar tus deseos, una forma de sanar tus heridas del pasado para crear un futuro poderoso.